Sunday, 3 June 2012


Alright so I haven't posted in a few weeks, I've just been busy playing ! 
One day I woke up and said :" I have to build something ! " and that was the beginning of my projects.
Start small .... something for the kids! If it's not perfect, they might not notice. Damien has lots of tools in the garage I can use, so off to Home Depot to buy some wood.

My first building project ... 4 chairs and a table for the kids !!
Pretty sweet !! I'm very proud of myself :)  Alright, alright, I got the plans online and just followed the instructions, but still :P

Next I built a little bench for the kids playhouse ... with no plans... just put together a few pieces of leftover wood. Cost me nothing :)

Needless to say after all this building my back was very sore from working on the ground ... so I built a workbench :)

Still that didn't solve the problem of the miter saw being on the floor and having to go down each time I wanted to cut a piece of wood. So I built a miter saw table.

Did you know that if you go to your local hardware store and ask if they have any wood scraps left, they will let you have them for free?!
The top of my workbench, the shelf on the workbench and the entire miter saw table (besides the wheels) cost me nothing :)
I'm really enjoying this new found hobby... I want to spend all my time in the garage now.
Don't get me wrong, I love to bake but you know the saying... "a moment on lips, a lifetime on the hips" and well I don't have a lifetime to worry about it !!!

This little table I built without using plans. I needed a table to put on the deck so I can rest my coffee on  while I sit back and enjoy watching the kids play. It's in the house right now cause I still need to paint it or stain it, haven't decided yet.

Next I thought I would get a little more adventures. I watched some You Tube videos on how to build a drawer. Then I watched some more videos and decided I wanted to give it a try.
Off to Totem I went to buy some drawer sliders. Made some measurements and built a drawer for my wall unit in the living room.

The only thing left to do is put a front face on it and a handle. There you have it, I can get rid of the covered diaper boxes I was using for the toys.
This is only the beginning of my projects ... more to come :)